Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best and Worst Uses of Television for Sports

BEST: Curling.

And no, I'm not joking. Curling is a fantastic sport for television. The view of the playing surface is wonderful, there are opportunities to hear the players discuss strategy and the pace of play is pleasant. I think that one of the measures of a good televised sport is how well the broadcast increases the accessibility of the sport for those who may be unfamilar with it, and TSN's coverage of curling in Canada has increased the popularity, familiarity and relevance of curling for Canadians in spades.

WORST: Trade Deadline Day Coverage.

ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz...... It's worse than the 6 hours of pre-game show we get for the Super Bowl.


  1. The Deadline Day coverage is especially irritating when one's team, which is in need of a deal or two, is staying resolutely silent... Did Steve Tambellini sleep in this morning or something?

  2. I can just see him at home, sitting in his dressing gown with his feet up, thinking, "Now, what was it that I was supposed to do today... Hmmm... Just can't put my finger on it. That'll teach me for leaving my day-timer at work!"

  3. And... it appears that I spoke too soon! The Oilies have picked up a couple of decent looking forwards for Erik Cole (who wasn't going to be back next year anyway) and a 2nd-round pick. Nice work by the GM, I think!