Friday, March 20, 2009

Phil's Fashion

A recent shopping trip with my husband for a new suit gave rise to a rant on this look from Phil Mickleson. I've seen him sporting the "all black with white accessories" look a couple of times now, and I don't think it really works.

There is no doubt that Phil is a lot fitter now than he used to be. He has slimmed down, and toned up, and is looking pretty good! Even the man-boobs are a thing of the past! But Phil ain't in 6-pack category yet, and still has a bit of a gut. The effect of this white belt on the all-black background is akin to pointing at it with a large arrow and screaming, "THIS IS MY GUT!" "LOVE HANDLES HERE!" "SPARE TIRES R US!"

It's only one small step from tying a large red ribbon around his middle.

Camillo or Sergio can pull this off. Sorry, Phil.

Otherwise, loving the all-black look!

1 comment:

  1. In other circles, they tell me, the all-black with white accessories is referred to as "the full Nanaimo"... for what it's worth!