Monday, April 13, 2009

The Masters

Ok, THAT was an afternoon of golf worth watching. Unbelievable.

Phil and Tiger pushing each other and the leaders in ways that probably only the two of them are capable of. Kenny Perry sticking it within a few feet on 16 in what looked to be the definitive shot on this way to the green jacket, only to blow it on 17 and 18 and be forced into a playoff with Angel Cabrera and Chad Campbell. Cabrera yanking it into the trees on the first hole but still managing to get his par. And the Argentinian breaking Perry's heart on the second playoff hole to take the green jacket to South America.

There are issues with the Masters. Issues with the Old Boys Club that runs the tournament, issues with terrible television and internet coverage, issues with how the field is set.

But it is a great tournament nonetheless, and Sunday afternoon proved why.


  1. Nothing against Cabrera, but I was rather cheering for Perry there... Ah well.

    Since I didn't really watch very much of the tournament: what are the problems with the TV coverage?

  2. The time that broadcasters are allowed to show the Masters is restricted by the Augusta folks, great chunks of the tournament don't get broadcast at all. I don't understand all the rules and regulations that Augusta sets for TV coverage, but I do know that it's very restrictive. In addition, the Masters broadcasters tend to get quite schmoopy about things, so what coverage there is is interrupted frequently for cheesy retrospectives with bad background piano music.