Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Week in Jays-Land

Ah, the first of what will probably be a semi-regular update on what's going on with the Blue Jays, for whom nobody seems to have any expectation except utter failure this year.

Nowhere to go but up, boys!

So, two games in and the Jays are 2-0 after one blowout and one bottom-of-the-ninth thriller against Detroit. Cool.

Two games in and the liquor license at Roger Centre has been suspended (including the clubhouse) thanks to a bunch of dink-heads who threw stuff on the field during the season opener. Less cool.

Two games in and the Jays have enjoyed one near sell-out, and one crowd just barely over 16,000. Sigh.

Some other notables:
  • Great, great, GREAT to see Aaron Hill back in action after the concussion nastiness of last season. Great to see him put bat to ball in a big way last night.
  • Exciting to see young players make an offensive impact; this means you, Lind and Snider. Cito Gaston is the perfect manager to guide these guys through this season.
  • Obviously, the pitching staff is the big question mark for the Jays this year. In particular, I am worried about B.J. Ryan. The Jays need a solid closer to protect whatever leads they can muster this year, and I sense an uncertainty around Ryan. I'm not sure if it's injury-related, or something has just shifted in his delivery, but I don't get the sure-thing feeling about him that the Jays were looking for when they signed him.
I'm kinda hopeful about the Jays this year. Hopeful that with so little expectation of success, there might be room for the team to surprise people.


  1. What's rather odd is that Ryan ended up with the Win last night, which I think says something (something often brought up by the Firejoemorgan people) about the usefulness of that particular statistic...

  2. hey, your jays are on top, and the spankees are on the bottom, and any day you can say that is a good day.

  3. "I am worried about B.J. Ryan."

    Me too, especially after this afternoon's game...