Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Week in Jays Land

So, ten games in and the Jays are leading the AL East with a 7-3 record, and are tied for the most wins in the major leagues.

On behalf of all Jays fans, if I may say so, WOOT!

The Jays offensive continues to pound out hit after hit after hit, protecting the young pitching staff. Aaron Hill is clearly back in form post-concussion, Marco Scutaro has been on base in all 10 games, and the young tandem of Lind and Snider continue to impress.

On the Bad News side, Jesse Litsch has been put on the DL with a forearm strain. I am from the cynical side that doesn't believe that pitchers ever have quick-healing injuries, so this is a big concern for a team with an already-depleted pitching staff. Brian Tallet is being moved into the rotation, but there is no word on what this move will mean for Tallet's highly off-putting mustache.

Perhaps the only blip on the offensive side relates to a somewhat slow start for Alex Rios (0-5 last night), but I think it's a bit early to fuss too much about it. He'll figure it out.


  1. I haven't actually heard this seriously suggested, but I think it would be great fun if the Jays signed Pedro Martinez. He's a free agent, but he did pitch (very well) in the WBC, and I think he'd look quite good in the Jays' rotation!

  2. That would be a riot! A little crazy to balance the evenhandedness of Roy Halladay.