Monday, May 11, 2009


Just a quick word this moment on a phenomenon that has become increasingly common in sports, especially playoff sports, in recent years.

The Guarantee

From Alex Ovechkin after the Capitals Game 5 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday: "Next game is going to be different. It's not over yet. If somebody thinks it's over, it's not over. We're going to come back here again. Game 7."

While this is not as overt a guarantee as some, it still motivated me to post on the subject.

Dear Athletes,

Don't guarantee wins. Just don't. Not only does a guarantee cause all kinds of media fuss that distracts you and your teammates from the task at hand, but way WAY more often than not, you end up looking like a doofus. Yes, once in a while, your guarantee turns out to be correct and the whole thing becomes an awesome story of grit and determination (see Messier, Mark), but you're much more likely to end up looking like a tool.

So just don't do it, 'k?

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