Monday, May 4, 2009

This Week in Blue Jays Land

So, things continue to go along tickety-boo for the Blue Jays. Fresh off both their first series loss (to the Royals) and their first sweep (of the Orioles), the outlook in Toronto can still be best described as surprisingly good.

Major worries continue to focus on injuries to the pitching staff. The series in Kansas, I think, exposed what those injuries have done to the staff with a couple of really bad outings for Purcey and Burres. On the other hand, Scott Richmond has been a pleasant surprise, and despite losing in Kansas, Tallet has been more than capable.

The offence continues to be a force for good, with Vernon Wells doing what he gets paid those big bucks to do, and Aaron Hill showing MVP-like form. (That's right, I said it.) And we've seen major improvement in Alex Rios in the last few games, including a big home-run last night against the O's in a tight game.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated thinks that the good times in Toronto won't last and that the Jays will be a victim of the AL East. What do you think?


  1. Big win this afternoon as well (Lind - 5 RBI)!!

    As far as Heyman's comments are concerned: we'll know more when the Jays have seen a few more games against the Red Sox and Yankees...

  2. Minor additional rant: Sometime's baseball's scoring rules make no sense at all. Brett Cecil pitched 6 innings this afternoon, and gave up 1 earned run on 6 hits and no walks (ok, he did hit 3 guys). Brian Wolfe pitched to 4 batters, 2 of whom got hits, although neither of those scored. Wolfe got the win. (Not that I have anything at all against Brian Wolfe, but still...)

  3. Yes, those same rules (the ones that don't make sense) include the rule that allows a pitcher to blow a save and get the win.

    It's one of the things that I think FJM was right about, that wins/losses is really a fairly meaningless stat.

  4. It's not really Jays-related, but I presume that you saw this?

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