Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Week in Jays Land

Just a quick note about the Jays this week, as there's not much good to say and to be honest, the huge number of other things going on right now (new job, new house, etc) have made it difficult to find the time to sit down and watch a game. Doesn't seem like I've been missing much...

But anyway, this article popped up earlier this week, regarding the potential trade of one Roy Halladay by the Jays.

My initial reaction is... "poo."

Beyond that riveting analysis, I guess I can't be entirely surprised. He is the best pitcher in the majors, and I think that I've always known that he wouldn't be a lifer in Toronto. But I have a couple of requests for Jays brass as they begin to consider trade possibilities for Roy:

1. Please do not trade him to Boston, New York, Tampa Bay or Baltimore.
2. Please ensure that whatever you trade him to, you get at least two of that team's best young prospects in return. Please don't give him away.

That is all!

Just saw a headline go by that said that the Jays have released BJ Ryan. Tough decision... but makes sense to me!

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  1. I was sort of sad to see BJ Ryan go, but it does make sense. Paying that kind of money to a pitcher who's become nothing better than an average middle relief guy is not the way to go!