Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A rather late post about...

... Roy Halladay.

I feel bad for Roy Halladay.

While I'm certainly pleased that he's still a Blue Jay and will still be racking up wins for TO, my heart goes out to the guy for the clumsy way that the trade rumours were handled, for the clearly unwanted attention that those rumours directed at him, and for the corresponding lack of run-support provided by his teammates during that same period.

And on a more complicated level, I feel bad for Halladay because if there was ever a guy who had earned the opportunity to get traded to a team with a legitimate chance to win the World Series, it's Roy. Remember when the Boston Bruins traded Ray Bourque to Colorado so that he would have a chance to win the cup? That was a classy move to recognize Bourque's long, long commitment to the Bruins. And, admittedly, Halladay isn't nearly as close to the end of his career (we hope) as Bourque was when he was traded, but the guy has paid his dues to this organization and as he himself said in one of the many interviews he's done over the last month, he's played himself to the point of being able to make decisions about what's best for him. And it's hard to fault him that.

At the very least, he deserves better than JP Ricciardi's bizzare declaration that the Jays were going to keep Halladay and "try to win" next year. I'm as big a Jays fan as the next person, but... really?! What are the odds of that truly being realistic for the Jays? And if they do keep Roy next year, what then? Lose him to free agency and get nothing? I'd rather see him traded to the Angels or the Phillies or any other contending team not from Boston or New York where he has the chance to be impactful into October and from which the Jays could get some good young prospects on which to build a winning foundation for the longer term.

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