Friday, October 9, 2009


HURRAY! My favourite time of the year!!

Can I just say that the Detroit - Minnesota sudden death playoff game on Tuesday was one of the best playoff game I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing? I love the games where everybody -- offense, defense, both teams - plays fantastic ball. LOVE IT.

One of the things... perhaps the ONLY thing... that I don't like about the playoffs is that the first round is only 5 games. Don't get me wrong, in other sports where the games aren't played in consecutive days, I think that a shorter first round makes good sense. But in the majors, where it is SO hard to make the playoffs and where they CAN play more games in a shorter period of time, I wish that they would go back to a 7 game first round. I just feel like a large number of first round series go buy without any suspense... they're just getting started and then they're finished. The Minnesota - New York series is a perfect example: Here's Minnesota, who has just come off this amazing win over Detroit in the sudden death game, and they're now down 2-0 to the hated Yanks, and they could be gone in what feels like mere hours after their big win. But maybe not - I'll hope they come back and make an exciting series out of it!!

And for my friend Towanda, I'm cheering on your team!