Friday, October 9, 2009


HURRAY! My favourite time of the year!!

Can I just say that the Detroit - Minnesota sudden death playoff game on Tuesday was one of the best playoff game I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing? I love the games where everybody -- offense, defense, both teams - plays fantastic ball. LOVE IT.

One of the things... perhaps the ONLY thing... that I don't like about the playoffs is that the first round is only 5 games. Don't get me wrong, in other sports where the games aren't played in consecutive days, I think that a shorter first round makes good sense. But in the majors, where it is SO hard to make the playoffs and where they CAN play more games in a shorter period of time, I wish that they would go back to a 7 game first round. I just feel like a large number of first round series go buy without any suspense... they're just getting started and then they're finished. The Minnesota - New York series is a perfect example: Here's Minnesota, who has just come off this amazing win over Detroit in the sudden death game, and they're now down 2-0 to the hated Yanks, and they could be gone in what feels like mere hours after their big win. But maybe not - I'll hope they come back and make an exciting series out of it!!

And for my friend Towanda, I'm cheering on your team!


  1. The Detroit-Minny game was an excellent thing to behold! I just wish that RSW hadn't decided to cut away from it in the 11th inning so we could watch the Flames vs. the Canadiens instead. I mean, I love hockey and all, but really... >:-(

    Did I hear somewhere that this is the last season for the Metrodome?

  2. the Twins might have a better chance if the umps didn't have it in for them...that none-fair call last night was about the worst i've ever seen.

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  4. Giants are out...Boston is out...Minnesota is the Angels look like they will be out. Since there's nobody left for us to root for, we'll just fall back on our, 'root for anybody who's playing against the Yankees' philosophy.

    Go Phillies!