Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's goin' on?

  • I hate the Yankees. And my problem when the Yankees win the World Series is that I feel like that WHOLE baseball season has been a complete waste of time. And we have to do the whole thing ALL OVER AGAIN next year, all the while putting up with the Yankees feeling good about themselves. Bah.
  • Hockey season is in full swing and I am, as of this morning, not in last place in our hockey pool. YAY!
  • The playoffs for the Canadian Football League (CFL) start this weekend. The local team squeaked in to the playoffs on the back of two wins to end the season and play the provincial rivals this coming Sunday. We shall hope for better results than they've had against the provincial rivals in recent games...
  • The rumours about Roy Halladay being traded to the Boston Red Sox are making me very nervous.