Saturday, January 23, 2010

All my teams suck.

Let's innumerate, shall we?

1) NHL: The Edmonton Oilers are a terrible terrible terrible team. Terrible. And they are currently playing hockey like they don't care that they're horrible. I caught the tail-end of a game the other day and when I started watching, the Oilers were winning. And I thought, "By the end of the game, the Oilers will be losing." And they were. I just knew it. How sad is that, to have completely lost faith that your team is capable of winning anything!?

2) MLB: Look, I know what I said. I said that the Halladay trade worked out well for the Jays and that the combination of that young talent and a strong coaching staff would hopefully result in a winning team down the road. Screw that. I WANT A WINNING TEAM NOW!! 1993 was a very long time ago. Sigh.

3) CFL: The Edmonton Eskimos did make the playoffs last season, barely, and then whimpered out of them pretty fast. Since the Esks won the Grey Cup in 2005 and then missed the playoffs the next year FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 35 YEARS, they've been playing that kind of "we're the underdog and we're scrappy" role that doesn't, oddly enough, actually result in a whole lot of winning.


I want losing to be the surprise, not the other way around.

I want my teams to stop being the butt of jokes.






Maybe it's somehow my fault...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hall of Fame


Great news to see that Andre Dawson had finally been elected to the Hall of Fame after waiting so long.

And in enjoying my delight at Dawson's election, I was pleased to see that former Blue Jays pitcher Pat Hentgen received at least one vote!! That may be the closest he ever gets, but still! Yay for Pat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Roy


What do I, as a die-hard Blue Jays fan, think about the Jays trading Roy Halladay to the Phillies?

I am remarkably at peace with it.

Obviously, it's sad for the Jays to lose a player of Halladay's talent and character. He was, by far, the most exciting reason to catch a Jays game in recent memory. I was blessed to see him live at a Jays game in the summer of 2005, a game he uncharacteristically lost to the Baltimore Orioles of all teams. But it was still great to see him.

But we all knew that he was going to be traded. And knowing that, I was relieved that he wasn't traded to any AL East team and that he extended his contract with the Phillies so that he wouldn't just play out the year with them and THEN go to the Yankees or Red Sox.

I think that the Jays have always had good coaching relationships with young players and a good farm system, so I'm excited to see how the young players that the Jays received in the trade will blossom in that system and under Jays coaches.

And Roy's full-page ad in the Toronto Sun encapsulated what an incredibly classy, gracious and community-minded player he has been in his time in Toronto. And with a guy like that, it's hard not to cheer for him no matter where he plays.

Dear Fox NFL Broadcasters,

"Interpretated" is not a word.

Thank you.

PS I know that I've been a sad and negligent sports blogger of late. I'm hoping to do a year in review kind of post later today and there are a number of other posts brewing, including my thoughts about the Halladay trade.