Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sports Shorts

Hi all. Sorry for the paucity of sports blogging of late. Here are a few things that have been on mind!
  • Good for Tiger for making it a relatively easy decision for Corey Pavin to add him to the US Ryder Cup Team by playing increasingly better golf in the last few weeks. I'm actually a bit surprised that Pavin took Ricky Fowler over JB Holmes, but then again, I haven't been keeping a Ryder Cup captain's eye on these guys all season so presumably, Pavin knows something that I don't. Anyhoo... Go Europe!
  • Speaking of Tiger... Undoubtedly, making the top 30 in the Fed Ex Cup rankings in order to get into the Tour Championship will be his toughest test of these playoffs. He will need to be at or close to the very top of the leaderboard next week in order to make it happen, which will be very difficult given how well people like Stricker, Hoffman, Day, Kuchar and others have been playing. But does anybody want to bet against him?
  • Tom Verducci has an interesting idea about making the run-up to the MLB playoffs more exciting by adding a second wild card place. Read more details here. I like it!
  • Speaking of the playoffs... YAY! Definitely some predictions and picks to come!
  • I'm excited to see a young Blue Jays team continue to develop next season. I'm excited to see a young Oilers team begin to build some foundation next season. I don't want to talk about the Eskimos.

Have a great day!