Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Prediction

I'm a little heart-broken about the Phillies, I admit, and may still be in mourning, but in the meantime, I'll say that I think Texas and San Fran will go to seven games, with Texas coming out on top!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LCS Preview

Apparenly, I had my National League mojo working when I predicted the Division Series results, but I take full responsibility for underestimating the Texas Rangers and Cliff Lee. I don't take full responsibility for getting the other series wrong; I refuse to pick the Yankees to win anything.

On to the second round and the League Championships!

American League: New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers - Rangers in 6

I was very impressed with the way that the Rangers played in the ALDS and hope to see them bring the same energy to this series with the Yanks. Cliff Lee is a great motivating factor for Texas when he pitches well. I'll be interested to see how much of a distraction AJ Burnett is if he makes a start in the series.

National League: Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants - Phillies in 5

Roy Halladay, are you kidding me?! Is there anybody more motivated to win the World Series than Doc? He must be an incredibly energizer for the rest of the team when they see how hard he is working and how focussed he is on winning. Giants are the feel-good team of these playoffs so far, but that won't be enough to get past the Phillies.

World Series - Rangers vs. Phillies - Phillies in 6

How fun would a Cliff Lee vs. Roy Halladay World Series game be?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Ryder Cup

  • First of all, WOOT!!!! Watching Europe win this cup was one of my favourite golf moments of all time. What an amazing tournament!
  • Can't help but feel good for Colin Montgomery who was the perfect ambassador for his players, for the tournament and for golf and in the process, was a pretty good ambassador for himself at the same time.
  • I think that the most wonderful score from the Sunday Singles was the following: M. Jimenez defeats B. Watson, 4 & 3. Watson must have felt that he'd been given a gift when he was paired with the aging Spaniard but he'd clearly forgotten the adage that old age and experience defeats youth and a bad haircut everytime. And man, that is a BAD haircut.
  • Phil Mickelson, by virtue of his atrocious record at this cup, becomes the worst American Ryder Cup participant ever, with a record 17 losses. Why does knowing that make me smile?
  • I do want to acknowledge that the Americans made this Ryder Cup a closer affair than I expected and that the display on Sunday was very impressive. But, the American team did lose. Having played a great tournament and having had a bunch of memorable moments doesn't negate that fact. So, and I'm looking at you Sports Illustrated, stop printing articles pretending that it wasn't REALLY a loss. See here, and here and this quotation from SI Senior Writer Jim Gorant about 2012 at Medina: "U.S. Wins 16-12. Write it down." I think the players understand the weight of the loss - it's why the tournament is so great - but this overcompensating media response makes the team look like sore losers.
  • Welcome to the world Graeme McDowell, Ricky Fowler, Martin Kaymer, the Molinaris and Jeff Overton.

See you in Chicago!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playoff Preview

So! The major league baseball season is now over and the most-exciting month of October is beginning. It's playoff time!

Here are my predictions for the first round:

Texas vs. Tampa Bay - Am I the only one who didn't really realize that Texas was a playoff-caliber team? Have I just not been paying attention? Maybe I just forgot about the AL west altogether. Anyhoo, my pick in this series is Tampa Bay in 4.

New York vs. Minnesota - Based on their records, these two teams are actually pretty evenly matched! I'm going to take Minnesota in 5.

Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia - This one's easy. Philly in 3.

Atlanta vs. San Francisco - I think that this has the potential to be the hardest fought, most-hotly contested series of the first round, based on the fact that both these teams had to fight right to the last day of the season to make it into the playoffs. I'm going to go with San Fran in 5.

Now, here' s what I think will happen in the subsequent rounds, if my predictions above are correct (and I will revisit the following if I turn out to be wrong about any of the Division Series)

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota - Tampa Bay in 6
Philly vs. San Fran - Philly in 5

Tampa Bay vs. Philly - Philly in 7