Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playoff Preview

So! The major league baseball season is now over and the most-exciting month of October is beginning. It's playoff time!

Here are my predictions for the first round:

Texas vs. Tampa Bay - Am I the only one who didn't really realize that Texas was a playoff-caliber team? Have I just not been paying attention? Maybe I just forgot about the AL west altogether. Anyhoo, my pick in this series is Tampa Bay in 4.

New York vs. Minnesota - Based on their records, these two teams are actually pretty evenly matched! I'm going to take Minnesota in 5.

Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia - This one's easy. Philly in 3.

Atlanta vs. San Francisco - I think that this has the potential to be the hardest fought, most-hotly contested series of the first round, based on the fact that both these teams had to fight right to the last day of the season to make it into the playoffs. I'm going to go with San Fran in 5.

Now, here' s what I think will happen in the subsequent rounds, if my predictions above are correct (and I will revisit the following if I turn out to be wrong about any of the Division Series)

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota - Tampa Bay in 6
Philly vs. San Fran - Philly in 5

Tampa Bay vs. Philly - Philly in 7

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  1. I would think that the Phillies must be licking their lips a little bit right now, at least as far as the NL is concerned!