Saturday, January 29, 2011

*Blows dust off blog*

Cough Cough

Wow... three months since a sports-related post?!  Shocking!

It's not because I haven't been playing attention, believe me!  Here are a few thoughts about the sports landscape as I see it:
  • I think that there will not be a bigger issue for sports in the next decade than the issue of head injuries.  Certainly for football and hockey, the short and long term impacts of head injuries are becoming increasingly worrisome.  And I'm not sure bringing this up because Sidney Crosby has been out for two weeks now with what was described as a minor concussion.  The evidence has been mounting that the risk of head injuries is too great not to put in greater protections for players.  Yes, hitting and tackling and fighting and all of that stuff are important aspects of the games in question, but if those actions are causing 40 year old guys to have 80 year old brains, then we must figure out a way to do them more safely.  I think it begins with greater punishments for the infractions, automatic penalties and fines even for accidental hits.  And it follows with significant funding for research into improved neck and head protections in the equipment that should then be made mandatory.  These are scary injuries with scary long-term consequences. They need to be treated as such. 
  • Nice to see Tiger Woods back on the course this week and by all accounts, with a much improved swing.  Tiger now has a Canadian connection, as the coach of that new swing is Sean Foley, who was born in Burlington, Ontario.  If Tiger has success this year, Canada will take credit. 
  • It is hard to live in a city with a young hockey team.  I think that the Oilers are on their way up but they are in the process of going through a learning and maturing process as a team that makes for some very long nights.  Taylor Hall sure is fun to watch though.  
  • It was very fun to watch all retrospectives of Gretzky's career this week for this 50th birthday.  I had forgotten just how incomparable he was on the ice and I loved watching all of the highlights of him scoring goals that left goalies totally baffled.  We won't see another like him in our lifetimes.  
Anyway, that seems like enough for a first post back.  Pitchers and catchers report in a little over a month! Woot!