Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Baseball Preview

WH and I are in the final stages of planning for our summer vacation, a 21 day road trip loop from Alberta to Ontario and back again via Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Grand Forks, Marquette, Espanola, Miller Lake, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, La Crosse, Rapid City, Billings and Lethbridge.

Whenever we travel, we do our best to squeeze in a professional baseball game and this year is no exception!  On July 14th, we will see the Blue Jays play the (hated) Yankees at Rogers Centre in TO and THEN, on July 16th, we will see the Chicago Cubs play the Florida Marlins... AT WRIGLEY FIELD!

It is possible that I am just a weeeeee bit excited.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts on the US Open

Rory McIlroy is a very impressive young man.  Stunning golf swing (seriously... ridiculous), calm cool demeanor, gracious with the media.  Clearly, he is on the way to a fantastic career and it will be great fun to watch him for years and years to come.

I think, however, that we need to dial back the sweeping statements about his place in history just a wee bit. Fair enough to make comparisons between this tournament and  Tiger at Pebble Beach.  Fair enough to make comparisons between young Rory and young Tiger.  But I have heard people make unequivocal statements in the last week that Rory will eclipse Tiger in terms of tournaments won. One commentator even said that he believed Jack's record was in jeopardy.  Seriously?!  Rory has three tournament wins; it's a bit early to crown him Best Ever.

I also think that just handing Rory all the trophies for all the tournaments until the end of time is a disservice to the significant number of other young men on the tour with impressive golf swings, exciting personalities and loads of potential.  What would be truly exciting for the next decade of golf, more than Rory winning everything everwhere, would be if that cadre of players pushes each other every single week and crowds leaderboards with close and exciting play. I think that the potential for great rivalries alone is enough to wish for exciting parity on the course in the years to come. 

So, Dustin, Bubba, Ricky, Lee, Graeme and the others. Bring it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few shorts...

... to get back into sports blogging.

1. The Stanley Cup final is on right now, the Boston Bruins vs. the Vancouver Canucks, and it is turning in to a very exciting series!  Vancouver is currently up 3-2 in the series, but they are back in Boston for game 6, where the Canucks have played poorly, losing both previous games in Boston in the series by a combined score of 12-1.  At least the Cup isn't decided on goals for/against.

2. The NBA finals are on at the same time and while I care very little about the NBA, I am still keeping one eye on the series to see if the Mavericks can close it out on the hated Heat. Every time I see Lebron James on TV, I want to poke him in the eye.  COME ON, DIRK NOWITZKI!

3. To golf, the US open is in a week and it should be a very interesting tournament, given how wide-open the field is.  It would be great fun to see Steve Stricker finally win one, and Phil is motivated to win his first US Open, I think, but I would love to see one of the young guys take it - Rory or Luke Donald or Dustin Johnson. I confess though, I miss Tiger and his current struggles are hard to watch.

4. My own golf game is coming along well! I actually shot a 50 on one nine earlier this year, and have been consistently under 60 all year.  It's nice to finally see my progress reflected in the score!  WH and I are driving to Ontario later this summer and will stop a few times to golf along the way. Should be fun to play some new courses!